My research lies at the intersection of [privacy, user data, digital ethics, computer history]

Dissertation [in progress]

My dissertation investigates forgetting in the digital age, considering the consequences (and benefits) of a world where forgetting is an imposition on the user. My research focuses especially on the proliferation of digital ephemera, the use of screenshots as an archival method, and circulation and dissemination through social networks.

Director: Clay Spinuzzi

MA Thesis [May 2015]

“Technology and the Glass Imagination: Isolation and Closeness from the Window to the Screen.”

Director: Matthew K. Gold, The Graduate Center at the City University of New York

Abstract: In computer and cell phone screens, as in 19th-century architecture, glass employs a frame to show a specific picture, and keeps us at a distance from what lies behind it. Glass’ dichotomies in technology (transparency and reflection, isolation and closeness) have become stronger metaphors for our experience with technology. This paper will look at the similarities between the language and metaphors created by glass in 19th-century architecture and 21st century technology, and glass’ role in connecting us to and alienating us from the world ‘outside.’ Download


Digital Writing and Research Lab [2015- Present]


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