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On Short Form and Long Form

I have always been partial to anything short form, which I don’t want to attribute to my short attention span. Maybe I have to, but it feels negative. But why should a short attention span be negative? There are a number of poems and short stories that have held me in rapture and have deeply […]

On “Falling Apart”

My apartment sits on the border of Clinton Hill and Fort Greene in an area that is actually called “Wallabout,” and is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. My apartment, which is falling apart, is also probably one of the oldest buildings in Brooklyn. I can tell because it is falling apart. Here is a […]

My Life, Digitally

Because nothing disappears anymore, my life can be narrated through friends with active technology habits. I’ve known  Alexa since 2001. The evolution of our relationship is as follows: LiveJournal, AIM, BlogSpot, MySpace, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, and millions of text messages. We have had virtual fights but we always make up, virtually. February 3, 2014 […]