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Zoe Muth

WITH HER BAND’S NAME (the Lost High Rollers) taken from the Townes Van Zandt song “No Lonesome Tune” and her album (Starlight Hotel) named for “an old flophouse in Seattle,” singer-songwriter Zoe Muth has established herself with a vintage country sound and songwriting inspired by Bob Dylan and Iris DeMent. “The person who most inspired me […]

CD Review: Sidi Toure

Each song on Sidi Touré’s previous album, Sahel Folk, was recorded in only two takes at his sister’s house in Gao, Mali, which resulted in a low-key (and lo-fi) affair. Koïma (Malian for “go hear”) is more polished, but the music retains the authenticity and rawness of Sahel Folk. Influenced by Mali’s rich musical tradition, the songs are […]

CD Review: Luke Roberts

Remember that time you were waiting at the train/bus/metro station and there was this guy on a bench playing the guitar? He didn’t think anyone was listening, but his slight fingerpicking and folksy strumming patterns didn’t go unnoticed. Everyone around you turned their heads a little, and when your train came you felt kind of […]