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My Life, Digitally

Because nothing disappears anymore, my life can be narrated through friends with active technology habits. I’ve known  Alexa since 2001. The evolution of our relationship is as follows: LiveJournal, AIM, BlogSpot, MySpace, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, and millions of text messages. We have had virtual fights but we always make up, virtually. February 3, 2014 […]

On Failure

My new favorite cartoon via At a recent lecture with prominent DHer and computational historian William Turkel , he mentioned a few very eye-opening things that point to major differences between the sciences and the humanities.  Humanities students are not taught to work collaboratively. Humanities students, he said, are not taught to fail. He didn’t mean either […]

Understanding Cubism

Girl With A Mandolin, 1910 Adapted from a presentation on 10/23/13 Much research has gone into this idea of the connection between Stein’s obscure writing style and Picasso’s Cubism. Picasso and Stein were good friends most of their lives, so it makes sense that they would influence each other somewhat, or at least have similar […]