CD Review: Luke Roberts


Remember that time you were waiting at the train/bus/metro station and there was this guy on a bench playing the guitar? He didn’t think anyone was listening, but his slight fingerpicking and folksy strumming patterns didn’t go unnoticed. Everyone around you turned their heads a little, and when your train came you felt kind of sick about having to leave. This is the feeling you get listening to Luke Roberts’s sophomore album, The Iron Gates at Throop and Newport. Throw in some fiercely internal lyrics, fiddle phenom Billy Contreras, and Emily Sunblad on backup
vocals, and you have a beautifully crafted set of traveling folk songs. The Nashville singer-songwriter has polished up his sound since his first album, Big Bells and Dime Songs, but the influence of Neil Young and early Bob Dylan is still evident in the simple chords and fingerpicking patterns, paired with seemingly effortless lyrics. “Every Time” is one of the standout cuts on the album, with heartbreaking lines (“I’m comin’ to see you / I’m singin’ my good-byes / I’ll be the one who you don’t recognize”) complemented by a straightforward playing style. Luke Roberts is a poet, and picking up this album will be the best thing you do today, even if it brings up a few old memories you thought were long forgotten. (Thrill Jockey)

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