New federal restrictions shift focus to antiques On February 11, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will implement a commercial ban on trade in elephant ivory, including bows adorned with ivory and brought to America and previously covered by certification under the Convention on International Trade […]


Because nothing disappears anymore, my life can be narrated through friends with active technology habits. I’ve known  Alexa since 2001. The evolution of our relationship is as follows: LiveJournal, AIM, BlogSpot, MySpace, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, and millions of text messages. We have had virtual fights but we always make up, virtually. February 3, 2014 […]

Worry Dolls

When I was 8, my mom bought me worry dolls on a trip through Arizona. They are tiny dolls made out of some embroidery floss and other mystery materials in a little yellow box that are sold throughout the Southwest in souvenir shops. You’re supposed to set them out at night to take care of […]


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